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To achieve happiness, long life, a person needs to strive for the harmonious interaction of Yin and Yang (Japanese "in" and "e"). However, at this time, "mature women" models in AVs became increasingly popular. [1] It was estimated in 1994 that, between legal and illegal videos, around 14,000 AVs a year were being made in the country, in contrast to about 2,500 in the United States. The production of pornography has an important place in Japanese mass culture. 9 in the law. The harmony of Yin and Yang conveyed overtly erotic images of sexual intercourse in literature and in fine form (the work of Utamaro "Love story", Chorusy "Nun with her lover," etc.

The Japanese government has criticized the film, objecting to the "immoral" represent their nation for the perception of the rest of the world. However, Nikkatsu soon ceased production of this video series when it proved unsuccessful with the public. However, at this time, "mature women" models in AVs became increasingly popular.

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Director Toru Muranishi called Matsuzaka"s October 1990 departure from AVs one of the worst stories of the year for the AV industry. "Dreamer" in 1981, moreover, became the first Japanese feature film with scenes of non-simulated sex. [24]Actress Rie Miyazawa"s shashinshuu (photo book) Santa Fe, released in November 1991, was one of the first photo books to take advantage of the lifting of the long-standing ban on the showing of pubic hair. Sexual culture in Japan over the centuries has developed separately from mainland Asia. Moreover, it often happened that the girl who had "success" among urban men who have become desirable for many villagers, who wanted to marry an experienced woman who could discover the joys of urban life. [22] Alice Japan (Arisu JAPAN) was established on April 4, 1986 as the adult video label for V-cinema maker Japan Home Video. In the Middle ages the elite widely practiced polygamy, and in the simple environment of the population were widespread premarital sex (ebaem[ja]*)[2]. Quite peculiar to chastity approached and aristocrats who did not condemn the woman if her first man became more and more influential people. It was the first film of the so-called "Japanese new wave", where the erotic scenes were shown female nudity and pubic hair, which was a taboo in Japanese society.

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